UX (Research + Consulting + Writing). Design Thinking Facilitator. Writer. Editor. Christian. Feminist. Psychology Grad. Interests are wide and varied.

A case study on how to successfully be a UX research team of one in a 500+ person organisation.

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When I joined Interswitch, I was the first and only UX Researcher. Coming into an organisation that I was only a few years older than to incorporate something new was as challenging as you can imagine, considering that there was already a successful enough process, and change is always difficult…

Or the ethics of conducting research with people + self care as a researcher.

Interest in UX Research is growing, both in Nigeria and globally and as I reflect on the work I do and the questions I’m asked each day, I think more about the parallels between research in the field of Psychology and research in the UX field.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

The ethics of conducting research with people

In academia, research usually…

Lade Tawak

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